APU – Flash for Crash

September 6, 2014
Performance Comms
The Results

APU_Flash for Crash

The Challenge
  • Create a high-profile, impactful news story for APU, a bespoke anti-motor fraud operation, to highlight a worrying new tactic used by motor fraudsters targeting innocent motorists
  • Raise awareness of the new methods being used by fraudsters and the work APU’s team does to tackle fraud by targeting the general public, the insurance industry and police forces, thereby increasing APU’s credibility as a leader in the field
Fan Insight
  • Motorists are regular sharers of news and video content, especially content related to motor fraud, which is a frequent hot topic
  • The more visual and compelling the campaign is, the more engaging it will be. Performance wanted to package this complex scenario such that the insurance industry and motorists themselves would take notice
Creative Solution
  • Performance dubbed the new scam, which involved fraudsters flashing headlights at drivers as though to let them out only to drive into them, ‘Flash for Crash’
  • Supporting research was compiled to reveal the extent of false insurance claims
  • An exclusive reconstruction video & news story was arranged with BBC TV/Online
  • An exclusive story was setup with the Daily Mail followed by releases for consumer, b2b, insurance/business and lifestyle media

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