JLR – Eyepods

August 29, 2018
Performance Comms

The Brief

  • Highlight how Jaguar Land Rover is addressing all aspects of autonomy.
  • Highlight the work being done by the Human Machine Interface team and psychologists into building trust of the technology.
  • Generate awareness of JLR’s safe autonomous technology across multiple channels and audiences.


  • Autonomous driving is quickly becoming a reality within the motoring world. However, many do not trust the technology and are cautious around the idea of a car not having a human driver.
  • As many as 67% worry about situations such as crossing the road – has the autonomous car seen me? Will it stop driving if I cross the road?


  • Place human-like “eye pods” on the front of an autonomous car and create a short video to illustrate how trust changes if autonomous cars could communicate with humans through ‘eye’ contact.


  • A hero video showing the interaction between an autonomous car with eye pods and a passer-by, who is attempting to cross a road. The video shows how a car might one day interact with pedestrians, locking eyes with them and making them feel more at ease
  • The video content was supported with eye-catching imagery and a press release for media


  • The campaign generated over 230 pieces of national, tech and automotive coverage including standout hits on BBC News and Sky News.
  • The video and imagery were shared and amplified across social channels, generating over 15,000 shares.


  • 231 Pieces of coverage
  • 6.05m Estimated coverage views
  • 15.2k social shares
  • 7k+ video views