Land Rover – Addressing The Isle of Mull

June 29, 2018
Performance Comms

The Brief

  • How can Land Rover use its deep reserves of talent and technological innovation to drive positive social impact, specifically in remote communities


  • Land Rover has been a pioneer in remote communities for 70 years
  • One of the main issues in these areas is the provision of medical services as it can be difficult to find patients, which costs precious minutes to first responders


  • Jaguar Land Rover to become a Global Automotive Humanitarian partner to what3words
  • Address the whole Isle of Mull, delivering unique 3-word address plaques to the homes of 2,667 inhabitants in a world first healthcare response
  • Spearhead a community outreach programme to promote the benefits this new addressing system brings to their lives


  • A hero video introduced the context and scope of the activity and followed the team of volunteers and fleet of vehicles on their mission to deliver a 3-word address to every house on the island
  • The hero video was accompanied by social edits and imagery
  • A journalist from Scottish broadsheet the Daily Record spent a day accompanying one of our volunteers and reported on the activity


  • A press release with a link to the video and curated selection of imagery was shared with global markets for distribution to media. The video and imagery were also posted on both brands’ social channels