From Crewe to Dubai Creek, craftsmen unite in celebration of UAE National Day

November 29, 2016
Ian Drinkwater


When Bentley brought two of their most experienced craftsmen to Middle East in late 2016, the Performance team saw an opportunity to introduce them to their artisan brethren of the region in an early morning meeting on the shores of Dubai Creek. Initially slated to conduct demonstrations of their wares at the inaugural Gulf Concours, the Bentley craft masters set up their display at one of the region’s oldest wooden dhow boat dockyards and, for a short time, turned their hand at bit of boat building.

The coming together of craftsmen from East and West made for a unique celebration of their trade and also a great opportunity for a stunning photoshoot. Producing a unique collection of images, Performance sold in the story as a photographic feature to media across the Middle East that highlighted the British marque’s commitment to handmade luxury and appreciation of the region.

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