Nissan’s Half LEAF Demonstrates Leading Zero Emission Technology

July 11, 2013
Performance Comms

The Zero Emission car was then launched at a European automotive media event in Oslo, securing extensive pan-European coverage for the world’s leading fully electric vehicle.

To build on this momentum, Performance Communications extended the outreach by creating a technology event at the O2 Arena in London. Both technology and automotive media from across Europe were given the opportunity to test drive the Nissan LEAF along with Nissan’s innovative Half LEAF.

Media were also given access to key Nissan engineers involved in the creation of the Half LEAF and a tour of Nissan’s Innovation Station, providing a first hand view inside the technology. The event achieved its goal of securing extensive pan-European coverage in both key tech and auto titles.

With changes to the London Congestion Charge policy coinciding with the event, PPR were also able to add to the conversation by positioning LEAF as the perfect option for city driving, as it remains one of the few cars still exempt from the charges. The event became the perfect backdrop for Nissan to lead the conversations in the UK media, including an in-depth interview on BBC London News.

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