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Formula E – Global PR

Apr 27 2018

Racing to embrace social media? Lewis Hamilton has got it right.

Jul 15 2016

Any time, any place, anywhere. That seems to be the catchphrase of sports fans who have an insatiable appetite for sporting content.…

Roboracing – Drones with downforce, but without a heart?

Apr 01 2016

(Image Courtesy RoboRace via Twitter) This week, the FIA unveiled the autonomous vehicle it intends to compete in its championship for driverless racing…

Senna-Prost: the duel is back (but in electric version)

Oct 24 2014

On 22nd October 1989 the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix decided the Drivers’ Championship in favour of Alain Prost. McLaren dominated that…

‘Leccy’ cars descend on Leicestershire

Aug 05 2014

Having grown up in Leicester I can assure you that nothing really exciting tends to happen there. We have an elected mayor…